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Terracotta inlay

The workshop employs polychromatic earth using the inlay technique, invented and patented by the owners.
The results are strikingly attractive.
Since 1987 Melioli’s production at the TARSIE workshop has been the result of simultaneous interaction between the technical skill of a craftsman and the aesthetic sensitivity of an experimental artist.
Each piece created is unique and original - one of a kind.

The originality of this technique lies in the fact that the joins between the marquetry forming the decoration do not involve the use of resins of adhesives; instead bonding of the joins is achieved during firing at a temperature in excess of 1000°C. The resulting decoration is permanent and wear-resistant since the marquetry is solid. At the TARSIE workshop highly specialized craftsmen perform each phase of this brand new technique by hand. Use of these techniques gives rise to a variety of widely different products: floor and wall tiles, decorative pieces, border tiles, decorative and artistic panels, basins, mirror frames, appliqué, table lamps and other art objets .

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