Maria Neroni

Artistic Director, historical consultant and designer

Maria Neroni has an artistic training background that she has deepened and expanded over time through her professional experiences. Her twenty years of working on plans and restorations, together with a strong artistic ability and passion for the arts, brought her to the point where she started to create artistic handmade articles that harmoniously combine the manual ability of an ancient artisan shop, the reminiscent figurative and colourful cultures of the past with the decorative needs and use of modern life. Her ancient passion for drawing and painting is now tempered with her research of decorative motifs inspired by local Romanesque art.

A partner in promoting Consorzio Ars Canusina, she supports activities that regard drawings and the compositions of Canusina motifs. She also manages the image projected at all of the exhibitions that the Consorzio plans in the territory.

address: Via Veneto 18, Bibbiano (RE) - tel. 0522 882951

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