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The Ars canusina story is quite extraordinary, written by two women who were larger than life, makers of history: the CountessMatilda, the legendary domina of the cliffs of Canossa, a great diplomat, lady of castles and iefs and a strong supporter of Christian culture, and Maria del Rio, a young psychiatrist with

a passion for history and of local Medieval art, who in the first half of the twentieth century in one of the most important psychiatric facilities of the Kingdom of Italy, San Lazzaro in Reggio nell’Emilia, experimented with a healing therapy combined with a honed approach to artisan art, to which she applied the Latin name “Ars canusina” (the Art of Canossa).

The ornamental motifs engraved in the capitals, in the bas-reliefs, in the baptismal fonts, and in the friezes found on monuments from the Matilda era (churches, oratories, monasteries) in the lands of Reggio nell’Emilia become inspirations for the treatments of original artistic creations of great value, inspirations from the past that also have an eternal lavor . From the experience at San Lazzaro through to the present day, new experiments and reinterpretations are taking place, continuing the fascinating rediscovery of the art of ancient Rome in the lands of Matilda, leading to art objects that are unique

and original in their design, in their architecture and in their functionality.

Those licensed to use the commercial brand of Ars Canusina® belong to the newly created Ars Canusina® consortium, started as an initiative by the Town Hall of Casina (owners of the brand)

and of G.A.L. Antico Frignano Appennino Reggiano, with inancing provided by the European Union“Leader+”, all with the objective to further the knowledge and ensure the distribution and the quality of this artisan art form typical to the area.